Nit de l’Art 2018

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On September 22, 2018, the annual Nit de l’art was celebrated again. And Felizhair was there!

This time with arts by the artist Jorge Cabral. He was born in Cádiz (Andalusia) and started painting and designing back in 1986. He has taken several courses in Palma de Mallorca and since then he lives on Mallorca.

He mainly works with oil, acrylics and concoctions. Uses various substrates such as paper, cardboard and cloths. Following a small text which means for him his art:

The work must be a real and emotional work that brings forth and provokes new ideas to the viewer.

The fascinating thing about a painting is the ability to let ideas flow while at the same time not understanding them.

When I relate to my work, I speak of what I voluntarily, without limits and with full freedom, bring out of my gut and therefore I will always believe that it is pure and sincere.


Of course, what’s great about our concept is that he uses recycled substrates and tools for his paintings.

The night was memorable and we thank all who came and spent the night with us. On a next time.

Your Felizhair team.