Color.ME by Kevin Murphy

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Feliz Hair Color.Me Kevin Murphy. Friseur Mallorca

The colours of Kevin Murphy inspire the hairdressers and bring happy customers! Kevin Murphy Color.Me offers an effective haircolour, innovation from the modern science and ingredients from the nature.

The colours were developed, by the recipe up to the design, under supervision of Kevin Murphy personally.

Color.Me is to 100 percent on the other products of Kevin Murphy co-ordinated. They offers exactly like the remaining products: lastingness, environmental compatibility and natural ingredients.

The advantages:

Mostly after the hairdresservisits, the color looks unnatural and just coloured. This does not happen with the colours of Kevin Murphy, thanks to the Morecolors-principle.

The Color.Me line of Kevin Murphy is free of ammoniak, PPD and Parabenes. What spares the hair fiber and leaves no disagreeable smell.

Moreover, the skin irritations which can be released by PPD are missing.

The Parabene, known as preservatives, can have influence on the hormons what can be toxically on the organs.

Color.Me of Kevin Murphy is free of these dangerous materials!

The colour line profits from the contained natural ingredients like honey, that the hair is nourishing, maintains and shine gives. Also Shea Butter brings many good qualities. She protects the hair, by the antioxidants, against damages by free radicals.

Also the contained pomegranate protects the hair against fading and untimely age damages, by his essential fatty acids and Linoleic acids.

Color. Me of Kevin Murphy offers everything to allow a natural and prolonged colour.